Clear vision isn’t purely a gift; it must also be earned – first through the normal visual development processes that occur during childhood, and then later through the regular eye and vision exams that help catch any problems so they can be treated. If you’re looking to maintain and optimize the ocular health and function of every member of your family, then you need the comprehensive eye exams offered at Bellevue Eyecare.

The Value of Eye Exams for All Ages

Eye exams are equally valuable for all ages, even if the challenges facing each age group are somewhat different. For children, it’s especially important that we administer three major eye exams during the first few years of life. These exams focus on identifying any structural problems, functional errors, or diseases that might interfere with normal visual development and academic performance. Adults may require extra emphasis on diagnosing refractive errors, especially the middle-aged ailment known as presbyopia. Seniors 60 and older need yearly exams that place an extra emphasis in catching disorders common to this age group, including cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

How Dr. Kirkconnell Checks Your Eyes

An eye and vision exam at Bellevue Eyecare consists of a number of steps. One of the most important is not a test at all, but a conversation. Dr. Kirkconnell will study your medical history and ask you about any current eye or vision problems you may have noticed. Functional testing may include variety of visual devices that monitor your eye coordination, focusing ability, visual processing, and other essential abilities. The eyes themselves will receive a careful medical evaluation. We can dilate your pupils to view your retinas, blood vessels, and optic nerves for any signs of damage or disease. Our optometrist can also examine the front of the eye for potential problems such as cataracts or corneal scarring.

Corrective Perscription

Vision testing gives us a chance to evaluate your eyes’ ability to translate refracted light into clear, crisp images. In addition to measuring how your corneas are refracting incoming light, we can analyze your performance in reading a standard eye chart to determine whether you have farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism or even presbyopia. We can then adjust the viewing equipment until we hit on the perfect corrective prescription for your needs.

Schedule an Eye and Vision Exam

The sooner we discover an eye or vision problem, the earlier we can treat that problem. If you need to schedule an eye and vision exam, call our Bellevue Eyecare at (615) 662-7588!