If you are thinking about transitioning from traditional eyeglasses to contact lenses there are several things you must be prepared for. The most important thing to remember is that you will need to have a comprehensive eye exam and also a contact lens exam. Bellevue Eyecare offers both exams and it is important to note that the contact lens fitting exam is much more comprehensive than a regular eye exam.

The Positives Associated With Contact Lenses

One of the pros associated with contact lens wear is you won’t have to wear glasses all the time. Another benefit of wearing contact lenses is that contacts improve side vision much better than eyeglasses. Contact lenses also offer a vast array of lens types for wearers to choose from. The final benefit associated with contact lenses has much more to do with vanity than the overall correction of vision, as there are some people who feel they look much better without glasses.

Types of Contact Lenses

In many circumstances, the type of contacts a person chooses is based on their personal preferences. There are other occasions where the type of lenses someone ends up with is based solely on what their eyes can accommodate. Some of the contact lenses that are available include dailies, daily wear, extended wear, disposable soft, spherical, toric, RPG lenses, colored, opaque, and visibly tinted. You can choose contacts that can accommodate certain conditions like astigmatism for instance. Based on the results of your eye exam, and contact lens fitting exam, the professionals at Bellevue Eyecare will be able to recommend the appropriate lenses for you.

What You Can Expect During Your Contact Lens Fitting Exam

Ill-fitting contacts can prevent you from seeing clearly. They can also cause discomfort damage the eyes. Once you are cleared for contact wear the doctor will begin to select the lenses he determines are appropriate based on his examination. He will fit the lenses to your eyes to see if they fit correctly and are comfortable. If the lenses are ill-fitting or cause you discomfort he will repeat the fitting process until he gets the right fit. We also make sure we educate you on how to care for their contacts, and how to clean them. You will be scheduled for a follow-up office visit to have your eyes re-examined.

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Here at Bellevue Eyecare, we take our time to ensure each patient leaves our office in well-fitted contact lenses. We will spend as much time as necessary to ensure you are able to see as well as you can. We believe our eye care team it’s the right fit for anyone who is looking to transition to contact lenses. Give us a call today at (615) 662-7588 to schedule an exam.