Eye Injury and Treatment At Bellevue Eyecare

Eye injuries can happen to anyone. To preserve your vision, you must know how to act when you or someone you know sustains an injury. Prevention is also critical to protecting your eyes. At Bellevue Eyecare we specialize in caring for your eyes, whether you need treatment of an injury or regular exams.

Causes of an Eye Injury

Most eye injuries result from physical or chemical trauma. These can result in bruising to the surrounding area, known as a black eye, or injury to the eye itself. Sometimes, you may have an injury without much pain. Splashing your eye with an alkaline substance such as toilet bowl cleaner or bleach may not cause immediate pain, but it can be harder to wash out than an acid. Rinse out your eye for at least 15 minutes. Then call a nurse hotline or an eye doctor to ask about your next steps. Medical recommendations depend on exactly what you got in your eye and what your symptoms are. For all injuries, avoid rubbing your eyes, which can make the problem much worse.

What to Do for an Injury to the Eye

If you have chemicals or particles in your eyes, rinse them thoroughly. If after rinsing your eye, you still feel pain, have redness, or have decreased vision, get immediate treatment from a medical professional. For other types of injury, cover the eye, do not put pressure on the eye, and consult a doctor. This includes black eyes, eye punctures, and corneal abrasions. When in doubt, get treatment for your injury from an expert because even minor-looking eye traumas could cause permanent vision loss.

How to Avoid Injury to the Eye

You don’t have to react to an injury. Be proactive in preventing trauma to your eyes with appropriate protection. When working with chemicals or tools, wear goggles that protect both the front and the sides of your eyes. You should also wear sports goggles to keep your eyes safe when playing sports, especially those that involve fast-moving balls. When outside, protect your eyes with┬ásunglasses. If you’re uncertain of what eyewear you need, ask our optometry specialist, Dr. Kirkconnell.

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Our Nashville clinic, Bellevue Eyecare, specializes in helping treat vision problems and injuries. Dr. Kirkconnell removes foreign bodies from eyes, treats corneal abrasions and infections as well as treating most eye diseases. If you have an injury to your eye, come in to see us during office hours. Call us today at (615) 662-7588 for any questions about our services or to make an optometry appointment.