Sunglasses are everywhere in the summer. They provide looks that are dramatic both due to their shaded lenses and because of the frames that can be chosen for them. Their looks aren’t the only reason to wear them, though – they have many practical benefits as well. Here is some more information courtesy of our Bellevue Eyecare.

Why You Should Wear Sunglasses

From an eye doctor’s perspective, the reason is simple: sunglasses protect your eyes. High-quality pairs come with UV-blocking capabilities, so your eyes are safe from these dangerous rays. With the proper tint levels, they also block significant amounts of visible light. This makes it easier to avoid eye strain on bright days. It can also make it easier to see since you don’t have to deal with as much contrast-killing glare. The other reason to wear sunglasses is, of course, to look cool or trendy. This is why there is such a huge array of available frame styles! For many people, the fact that sunglasses actually provide a practical benefit is a bonus.

Prescription Sunglasses

People who wear eyeglasses for vision correction can’t just grab a pair of shades from a supermarket display because those sunglasses have no prescription in them. They are also typically of lower quality than those from a proper optical shop. Therefore, the logical choice is to order prescription sunglasses from your usual eye care provider. This way, you can protect your eyes, look good – and most importantly, still see what you’re doing! Prescription sunglasses offer other benefits compared to off-the-shelf versions besides visual clarity. You can get them with features like anti-scratch coatings, polarization, custom tints, anti-fingerprint coating, and more. There is also a huge variety of frames to choose from. Your selection is essentially doubled because you can outfit standard eyeglass frames with tinted lenses as well as any of the “sunglasses” frames on offer.

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